After Sunday: The Pottorff Family


It was great having the Pottorff family with us this past Sunday and hearing how God led them to begin serving as full time missionaries through Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru). Ben and Lesli shared what they have learned through the life of Abraham during this transition and challenged us to have the same willing heart and faith to follow God’s call on our own lives (audio message below). Now that we have heard from the Pottorffs, what’s next? Obviously prayer is vitally important for anyone stepping out in radical faith to do the work of the gospel, but sometimes our own radical steps of faith involve tangible support for those God has called out into full dependence of him. The Pottorffs cannot begin serving on campus at the University of Tennessee until they get fully funded, so here are their biggest needs to enable the Porttorffs to get on campus:

Have questions about Cru? The Pottorffs will be in town until 8/13/16 and would love to meet with you personally. Email Ben directly to set up an appointment.


The Pottorffs will be missionaries on the University of Tennessee campus during the school year and will participate in 6-week mission trips in the summers – both internationally and state side.


Cru has a 3-fold strategy of making disciples: winning people to Jesus, building them up in their faith, and then sending them out to make disciples. We will be sharing the gospel on the campus, as well as meeting with students for one-on-one discipleship, and also in small groups to answer questions about life and point them towards the Cross and Jesus Christ.


  • Every 3 seconds someone hears about Christ!
  • Every 2 minutes someone comes to Christ!
  • 82,000 students are being ministered to through the Cru college ministry alone!!!
  • Over 16,000 students are beginning to share their faith.


Cru is a non-profit organization and has no central funds for paying salaries and ministry expenses; therefore, like many other mission
organizations, its missionaries have to raise funding to be a
missionary. We have been asking the Lord to show us who He wants to be a part of our TEAM!!! Would you and your spouse please pray about supporting our ministry financially (either monthly, yearly, or a special gift)? Our greatest needs are either a monthly gift or yearly gift since it counts towards our monthly support goal. Although, special gifts are still desired since it helps with mission trips, ministry
expenses, etc.

We must find a team of partners who will give $100 monthly or some other amount to support our ministry. As soon as this team is
complete, we can turn our full attention to reaching people for Christ.


  • To work diligently to touch the lives of people for Jesus Christ.
  • To let our partners know how God is blessing our ministry.
  • To be wise stewards with the money God has entrusted to us.
  • To share prayer concerns with one another.


Your partnership can make a difference in reaching people for Christ. Would you be willing to make a monthly commitment of $100 or some other amount?


There are 2 different ways to give:

  1. A support form can be sent to you to be filled out and mailed to Cru – email Ben to request a form
  2. Online giving – follow the provided URL below and it will lead you to our Cru account website and will walk you through giving online: (the Pottorff’s staff number is at the end) -All financial support and donations are 100% tax deductible.

DOWNLOAD a flyer with this information for your records.


Sermon Recap: What about Tithing?

You-Asked-For-It-WIRED-EmailA recap of week 3’s sermon from the You Asked For It series. Pastor Nick answered the question, “What is New Passion’s Stance on Tithing? Give What You Can? Or, give a required strict 10%? Was tithing a part of the law and if so, didn’t Jesus free us from those requirements?”

  1. Money is important to God: There are over 500 verse on prayer, less than 500 on faith, and over 2,000 verses on money.
  2. 15% of all Jesus’ teachings were on money, more than his teachings on heaven and hell combined.
  3. God’s perspective on money: God owns everything; therefore he loans everything (Deut 8:17-18 ESV).
  4. What we invest in is an X-Ray of our heart’s true affections (Matt 6:21 NLT)
  5. Tithing was included in the law, but was not exclusive to the law
  6. The very first, First Fruit Offering took place by Able 2,550 years before the law and Abraham’s tithe was recorded 430 years before the law
  7. Both Cain and Able worked jobs and gave God an offering from their produce at harvest time. Cain gave just some of his crops, but Able gave his first and his best. God accepted Able and his offering, but rejected Cain and his offering.
  8. God did not reject Cain because his offering was not a certain percentage; He rejected Cain because his offering reflected that he had not given God the first and best of his heart
  9. The tithe has always been referred to as “holy” (Leviticus 27:30 ESV); the Bible never changes that definition, in the Old or New Testament
  10. Tithing is a spiritual exercise to help us keep God first in our lives and it’s one way to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind.
  11. 2 Corinthians 9 does not eliminate the tithe. It tells of ONE event where the church at Jerusalem had a financial crisis and Paul urged the church at Corinth to give sacrificially and generously to help meet this need (9:6-7).
  12. 2 Corinthians 9 teaches a universal principle that worshipful giving should be free and cheerful, not reluctant and out of obligation. Able gave freely; Cain gave out of obligation (Genesis 4:1-7 NLT)
  13. God will help you do more in your life with 90% than you can do with 100% alone
  14. Matthew 23:23, Jesus said, “You should tithe, yes, but do not neglect the more important things.” [Justice, mercy, and faith]

The full sermon audio will be available online beginning August 17, 2015.