Greater Things Phase One Update


We are close to being able to submit a new offer on the 17 acre property we originally made an offer on last year. Here are the next steps for New Passion:

  1. Get pre-approval from the bank on a loan for $200,000, and up to $225,000 if necessary. The final counteroffer we received from the owner last year was a sales price of $225,000 (with this offer, we had requested owner financing which was being offered by the seller). We are seeking bank financing instead of owner financing. The bank requires at least a 20% downpayment for a loan.
  2. Submit an offer to purchase the property for $200,000, and up to $225,000 if necessary. The purchase would be contingent on county approval to rezone property from residential to “special use”.
  3. To have property rezoned, we must first hire an engineering firm to create a master plan to show the county what the property will look like with building, landscaping, parking, and retention system. These plans must be submitted to the county for a public meeting.
  4. How much is this going to cost New Passion?
    1. 20% down on $200,000 = $40,000; or 20% down on $225,000 = $45,000
    2. Engineer Firm: Approximately = $4,000
    3. Rezone Application = Approximately $900
  5. How much have we raised? $29,301.29 $31,401.29+ $10,000 NPC savings = $41,401.29
  6. How much do we need to accomplish phase one to secure property? Barring any additional unforeseen fees or expenses: $3,500 up to $8,500 (depending on purchase price).

If you made a pledge towards phase one of this campaign, now is the time to give that gift, if you haven’t already. You can give it on Sundays through the offering by notating an offering envelope or check, “Greater Things Campaign”, or you can give online and select the Greater Things fund. 

Fun Facts:

  1. It’s expensive to build a church!
  2. This is phase one! The money we have collected so far, and are collecting at this time, is to solely secure property with a downpayment. We will still have a property payment and will have to clear the land, build a building, pave a parking lot, and etc.
  3. The bank wants to see that we can afford a building, insurance, upkeep, and etc. This means we need to show a steady pattern of having a higher income than expenses. They call this cash flow. This is why, if you are absolutely not giving, have stopped giving, or are not giving generously or consistently, we ask you to step up and work with us to make our future forever home a reality. We need you to give generously, sacrificially, and consistently towards the regular offering, as well as toward the Greater Things Campaign. It will require ALL of us to make this happen. It’s hard to see it now, but the fruits of our investment will be seen in the near future. 
  4. The school is not our permanent home! So far, we have not received official approval to continue meeting at GTHS in 2017 (we currently await a decision by the school board). If approved, we are not guaranteed future approval. We are now on a year-to-year lease and have to seek board approval each year. In years past, the school board has given a maximum of 2-4 years to other churches. We will have completed our 4th year on Sunday, September 10, and our current request is for a 5th year. There are absolutely no buildings available in our price range and area that we can retrofit into a church building and lease or purchase at this time. If the school rejects us now, or in the future, we have nowhere to go in Groveotown. The time to secure a permanent home is past due, we must act now and we must act fast.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support for our future!

Pastor Nick

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