Top Ten Highlights from Josh Anderson’s Life Story

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Here are the Top 10 Highlights from Josh Anderson’s life story that you can apply in your own life:

  1. While facing difficult circumstances, God wants to do a work in us, despite the outcome of our circumstances
  2. When you get broken you get desperate to change
  3. The people you spend the most time with will influence you the most
  4. Even when we’re on death’s door, God will use us to make an eternal difference in people’s lives, if we’ll allow him to work through us
  5. In Christ, we are accepted, no matter what. We’re not defined by what our Facebook status says or anything else outside of Jesus’ acceptance.
  6. Jesus completes us & gives us everything we need.
  7. Jesus forgives us. There is no depth too low that He can’t pull us out
  8. Seeking Jesus first doesn’t give us everything money can buy, it gives us everything money can’t buy: peace, fullness, joy
  9. A Relationship cannot and will not provide everything you think you need in life. Only Jesus can
  10. Being in God’s will is where we experience the fullness of God

Did you miss Josh’s story? The audio message is available at the bottom of the page, online, and on our Ephesians series page.

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  4. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
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