GROW Series Wk 2: Growth through Good Works


Week 2: “Growth through Good Works” – March 24, 2013

Nick Carnes

In this message we look at Paul’s math when it came to doing ‘good works’ in our lives. Will good works be enough to grow us to find right standing with God? Or was it meant to go another way? Join us in this conversation as we see how Good Works Grows us!

Life. Money. Hope. Week 5: “The Challenge”

Life. Money. Hope.

Week 5: “The Challenge” – March 10, 2013

Nick Carnes

Financial advice, whether from a financial expert or from the Bible is great and helpful, but we often struggle with the ability to apply the principles we’ve been taught. What does the Bible say about taking the first step in trusting God with our finances and applying his Biblical principles?