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GROW Series Wk 2: Growth through Good Works


Week 2: “Growth through Good Works” – March 24, 2013

Nick Carnes

In this message we look at Paul’s math when it came to doing ‘good works’ in our lives. Will good works be enough to grow us to find right standing with God? Or was it meant to go another way? Join us in this conversation as we see how Good Works Grows us!

Life. Money. Hope. Week 4: “The #1 Myth About Money”

Life. Money. Hope.

Week 4: “The #1 Myth about Money” – March 3, 2013

Dave Ramsey

What is the biggest misconception about money? According to this message by financial guru, Dave Ramsey, there is a major misconception when it comes to money and when we unravel this one untruth, it helps free us just like getting out of debt.

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Life. Money. Hope Week: 2 “The Basics of Biblical Finance”

Life. Money. Hope.

Week 2: “The Basics of Biblical Finance” – February 17, 2013

Dave Ramsey

What does the Bible say about managing your money? According to this message by financial guru, Dave Ramsey, are you making wise decisions with your money, or foolish decisions? There is hope for every financial situation, but it begins here.

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