New Passion refers to our Core Values as the “G6”. They reflect the convictions and beliefs that make up our fundamental DNA as a church.

  1. God’s Glory – Man’s primary purpose for living is to glorify God. This is our highest value as a church.
  2. [The] Gospel – We value the message that all people were created by God for his glory, man rebelled and sinned against God therefore resulting in the requirement for spiritual and physical death. God in his great love sent his innocent Son, Jesus to die a criminal’s death on the cross to redeem those who would place their faith in him for salvation.
  3. Grace – The message of the gospel is a message of deep grace and mercy. God did not give us what we deserve, rather he has offered us new life through Jesus which we could never earn or deserve. This kind of grace demands that we too extend forgiveness and mercy to everyone we encounter in life.
  4. Growth – We value the spiritual growth and discipleship of all Christians. We believe that as we grow spiritually and begin to live for God, the local and the global church will automatically grow as a result.
  5. Generosity – God first gave, so that we could have life and we might be reconciled back to himself. The life of a Christian is one of sacrifice for others and sacrifice for the Kingdom of God. Our generosity deepens the more we understand the Gospel, the more we receive the grace of God and grow in that grace.
  6. Going – We value the call that God has given all of his children, to Go. The church and it’s members are not to sit idle while the world passes them by, rather we are to constantly be ‘on mission’ sharing the message of Jesus with all who will hear.