Who We Are

New Passion is a Unique Church for Unique People

Our People

We are often asked what makes New Passion Church “Unique?” The answer is simple, our people. We believe God is creative and diverse and this can be seen clearly through the people he created. Our goal as a church is not to influence you to conform to who God made us to be, rather our goal is to reflect Jesus, so in your uniqueness you may conform yourself to be more like him.

We are a group of imperfect people pursuing a perfect Savior in Jesus.

Our Environment

We are modern in style and you will find most people wear casual clothing. We do not have the fashion police at New Passion, so please wear what you feel comfortable wearing. Whether you come in jeans, shorts, a dress or a suit, you are welcome!

We have one goal through our music and that is to bring honor to Jesus; we do this through a variety of music styles. At times our music is loud and rockin’ while other times it is softer and more reflective.

We understand that New Passion is not for everyone. People have different preferences in life; some people prefer vanilla ice cream while others prefer chocolate, some people prefer a more traditional style church while others are seeking a more modern church. All we ask is that you check us out for one service.